June 3rd 2012 - Free Public Mumble Server

So I've decided to run a free public mumble server.
lagbag.com:64738 1000 slots
I may even allow people to run their own channels (assuming anyone even uses this thing)

July 14th 2010 - This video rules

April 15th 2009 - New host AGAIN

This website has (hopefully) reached its final destination. I am now hosting it myself on my own dedicated server.

February 17th 2009 - New host

This website is now hosted on dreamhost as bytehosting no longer exists.

July 31st 2008 - New host

This website is now hosted on bytehosting.com
It will be a few days before all the files are uploaded again. If you had an account before, contact me to have it recreated.
Godaddy was giving me shit, so I dropped them like a wet sock.

June 17th 2008 - User Error

The concept of user error is thrown around far too much by programmers these days. What does it even mean? Did the user intend to mess up and cause the program to not work? No, of course not. Why did the user mess up? Is the user stupid? Labeling the user stupid is counterproductive. When the user makes a real mistake that cannot be corrected for by the developer, that user should know he made the mistake. The program should have easily understandable output that tells the user exactly why it is not working. I'll use an example from my project GoodGallery: If a user puts gg into an empty folder or one with no images, it will just say "undefined" and throw some warning. Now I could easily say that gg's output isnt really incorrect as there's no images to view; but I think the important thing to realize is that there's no way the user intended to make an empty gallery. I owe my users some kind of error message. There will be one in the next version (current is version 1.0).

Another problem a user could experience in gg is having permissions set wrong somehow. If the script cannot create folders and files, it cannot build files. A lot of scripts will say that, but it's not enough. I believe the developer has to at least point the user in the right direction to correct this error. In the next version, gg will also detect permissions problems and provide friendly advice on solving said problems. User error seems to usually mean programmer error. If a user makes a mistake and the developer could've predicted and corrected for said mistake without breaking anything else or annoying power users, then it's not user error.

June 9th 2008 - GoodGallery

GoodGallery 1.0 has been released (it actually came out May 22nd, but I just got around to throwing a post on the main page.)

April 21st 2008 - I am a Douchebag

I was playing around on rockstar's website when I did a personality quiz. Here's the unlikely results.

July 7th 2007 - Good Gallery Released!

Good gallery ready to be downloaded. I haven't written a bunch of documentation or made tutorials or even a website for the script, but I figure why not let people download it anyway.

May 28th 2007 - Good Gallery

As you may already know, I've come up with a name for my gallery script and completed the first release candidate. Download link coming soon. good gallery RC1 demo(link removed because I don't demo RC1 anymore)

Gallery Project

I'm working on a php based photo gallery script. When I finish the script and think of a name for it, I'll create a website for it here.

I've set up an example gallery with the latest version, but I won't be releasing it until I make it standards compliant and styleable

May 2nd 2007 - Just a number

On an unrelated note, the MPAA can go fuck itself.
That is all.

Embedding youtube videos on websites is cool

Here's some embedded video

yay fun

November 16th 2006 - C.S.O.O. Awards

The Cartossin Seal Of Ownage award has existed for a few years in my head; but for the first time it will be accesible to others. The games I list here are not only my favorite games ever, but they have a timeless quality in art or gameplay that transcends graphics or technology. They stand apart from the pack. They're as fun today as the day they were released and if you haven't played one all the way through, you're missing out.

If you know me, you know I play a lot of video games and I have for many years. I've bought games based on reviews and was then disapointed. I can say with full confidence that you absolutely need to play all these games right now if you haven't.

This list is in no particular order as far as quality goes. At one point I wanted to make a top 10 list, but I realize ordering this list is impossible as all these games are equally fantastic.

- Psychonauts
- Super Mario 64
- Deus Ex
- Interstate 76
- Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
- Grim Fandango
- Duke Nukem 3d
- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- Super Metroid (Metroid 3)
- Halo 2

This list is ongoing; If you think something should be on it, but isn't let me know. Chances are I've already rejected it, but it's always possible I just forgot.
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